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Potholes, brambles and other things stopping you getting about…

In our Borough of Havant, problems on our highways are handled by Hampshire County Council (HCC) who are, for us, the Highways Authority. They hold responsibility for all our local roads with exception of motorways and major A-Roads (needs confirmation).

When it comes to reporting problems, Hampshire actually have quite an advanced ticketing system which is accessible via the internet. It is also possible to report problems by phone, however it can be a long drawn out process involving long wait times and longer periods of time collecting the information from you.

I would always suggestion that people use the website to enter the initial information, and then use the help-desk to enquire as to updates. While it is possible to return to your ticket (provided you kept the number, you cannot normally add text, and there are ways that Council officers can log information to the ticket which is not visible to us as public.

In this day and age of Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests, I think trying to hide information or keep it out of the public eye is futile because they are obliged to reveal the data upon request unless it is confidential information.

The Hampshire Highways Problem Reporting Portal Page

The webpage supplied by the transport/roads team is surprisingly wide-ranging in the types of problems that you can report, and if it happens the problem is not handled by Hampshire, it will liaise other authorities (such as Portsmouth, Southampton or national highways departments.

As you select options from the page, there is guidance as to what can/should reported. how soon, and the mechanism requirements to continue. This may require a different way of reporting the problem. In most cases you have the option of entering an (adjacent) address manually or using a map.

Map Usage

Entering map, address or other lP location data can be confusing. Read the instructions, hints or tips whihch pop up at different times, some of the information is indeed useful. Sometimes you will need to combine different mmthods of selecting addresses until your map and location data reflect the place of the problem.

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